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The Real Impact of Attic Insulation on Your Residential Heating and Cooling

What most impacts the cost of residential heating and cooling?

The US Department of Energy stresses how important it is to insulate an attic, as attic insulation can decrease your utility bills by 15 to 20%. Many homeowners make the mistake of tackling this as a DIY project, only to get in way over their heads. If you're not handy, or if you're just a beginner, proper insulation techniques can be overwhelming. Whether you hire the job out or tackle it alone, it's good to keep a few pointers in mind.

Seal Leaks and Make Repairs Before You Install Insulation

Adding attic insulation without knowing the integrity of your roof is a wasted effort. You won't truly know how much insulation is needed or the best type to use without a thorough inspection. A trustworthy HVAC company can perform a home energy evaluation. Use the results to make each step in the attic insulation process more effective.

Protect Against Heat Gain With Radiant Barrier Protection

This extra step is especially helpful in warm and sunny climates. The barrier drives heat away from your roof, helping to maintain cool conditions within your home and reducing the effort your AC has to make in order to keep your space comfortable.

Don't Forget to Insulate Your Attic Access Panel

It's astounding how often homeowners avoid insulating an attic access panel. Done correctly, it won't interfere with your access to the attic. More importantly, this protection is essential to keep the attic from drawing in heat and cold air meant for the rest of your home.

If you'd like help with attic insulation, contact the Gastonia-area heating and cooling experts at GSM Services today.