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3 Easy Steps to Incorporating Solar Power for Your HVAC

Does solar HVAC power really put a dent in your heating and cooling bills?

For homeowners looking to lower their heating and cooling bills, there's a great, green option out there: solar power. But this isn't the kind of solar power that requires a drastic overhaul of your home's electrical power; instead, you can get solar power just for your HVAC system.

If you know how complicated installing regular solar power can be, you may still be wary of solar power for your HVAC. But it's easier than you think! With GSM Services, using solar power for your HVAC is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Talk with a trustworthy company about available credits and grants available for solar home improvements.
  2. Have a home energy evaluation performed to find out how much power you really need.
  3. Work with a licensed Lennox installer to add a SunSource system to your property.

Still not convinced? Here's why more and more homeowners are making the (easy) switch to solar HVAC power:

Recommended as the Best

Popular Mechanics has a way of pinpointing the latest and greatest technologies available for consumer purchase. Not long ago, in an article on homeowner recommendations, they identified a source of easy, affordable solar power useful in powering heating and cooling systems. Created by Lennox, these photovoltaic panels use micro-inverters to convert UV light into electricity. Further, the company designed their high-efficiency air conditioners and heaters for easy set-up, making it both fast and easy for HVAC technicians to install them on their own.

The SunSource solar-powered HVAC products from Lennox are now available with GSM Services. We can set up a home or business with anywhere from 1 to 15 solar panels and wire them for heating and cooling use. It makes perfect sense, as those needs tend to account for the majority of utility use. What better way to help your home, the environment, and your budget?

Talk with GSM Services about installing new solar HVAC equipment today.