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What happens when you don't change your filters?

What happens when you don’t change your filters?

  1. Higher Energy Bills - The air cannot flow properly through your home. This could cause the air to not be able to reach the thermometer and signal the unit to cut off On top of that the blower has two work twice as hard to get the air pushed out. All of this will dramatically increase your power bills
  2. Repair Cost to your Unit - The air could also not be able to travel back out which could cause your system to freeze up or overheat. Also, your unit is working much harder than it is used to; this can also cause the unit to breakdown.
  3. Dust, pollutants, and sickness - The air is not circulating as quickly. This means more allergies and pollutants are settling in your home.

It is very important that you follow the instructions that you have in your home. There are options for filtration systems in which you would not have to change your filters as often. To talk about filter issues; give us a call today! (704) 864-0344