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Why your AC & furnace need regular maintenance...

Your heating and cooling system is possibly the most expensive equipment that goes along with your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not realize the maintenance that needs to be performed regularly on their heating and cooling systems in order to prevent costly repairs & troubles. Having your heating and cooling system cleaned and serviced each season has multiple benifits to you and your home.

  1. It can help your system operate up to 30% more efficiently - which means lower energy bills.
  2. It can improve the air in your home. When your system recieves its tuneup, less dirt and dust particles will be floating around your home.
  3. Having your heating and cooling system maintanied ensures you are complying with the manufactures warranties.
  4. You get TWO appointments a year for a technician to be out at your home cleaning and inspecting your unit which will help prevent breakdowns. Also, your technician will be able to discuss any comfort issues you may be having in your home.
  5. You recieve discounts on repairs with a yearly maintenance agreement.
  6. Should your system breakdown, you are #1 priority to get a technician out to your home -- even if its in the middle of the night!

These are only a few of the benifits of being a GSM Services Energy Savings Agreement Customer. There are MANY MANY more perks to having this plan! Call us today to find out more! (704) 864-0344