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The Ideal Sleep Temperature

One may not realize how much room temperature can affect the way your body sleeps, even if you feel like you’ve gotten the best sleep, or the worst sleep. Sleeping in a space with the optimal temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit has been proven to be the healthiest sleep you can possibly get. This specific temperature coincides with your body’s natural evening temperature to help you relax and recharge comfortably. As with anything, though, there may be some health consequences associated with being too hot or too cold at night.

If your body feels too warm, you may find yourself rolling around, throwing covers off, and consuming yourself in a wave of restlessness. This kind of unstable sleep, in a hot room, may result in a decrease of REM sleep. Being too cold may cause a similar type of reaction; that restless interruption of a truly deep sleep as you try to warm yourself up.

To ensure a healthy night’s sleep, here are a few tips to think about:

  1. Set your home’s thermostat to that optimal temperature for specified evening hours
  2. Run a ceiling fan, nightstand fan, or box fan in your room to circulate the air in warmer months
  3. Did you know that roughly 50% of couples disagree on the ideal sleeping temperature? Of course, no one is surprised! Don’t be afraid to purchase cooling pillows, mattress pads, electric blankets, etc., if you and your significant other disagree on the right temperature.