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Why You Should Consider Phenomenal Aire Cleaning Technology

Now more than ever, homeowners have shifted their focus to find the best methods for staying safe and healthy during uncertain times. Sanitizing, eating healthy foods, and getting plenty of exercise are all great ways to maintain your physical health, but what about the health of your home?

Phenomenal Aire is one of the most innovative and leading Indoor Air Quality technologies on the market. The technology is designed for use in both residential and commercial HVAC applications. Its purpose is to naturally scrub the air and terminate any mold, viruses, or other dangerous bacteria that may be in your home. During its testing period, it was actually verified that 99.9% of the COVID-19 virus was inactivated after 60 minutes, 99.4% in 45 minutes, and 82.3% in 30 minutes. The technology was tested and reviewed by independent agencies such as Underwriters Lab, which has verified that Phenomenal Aire produces no detectable ozone. Clean air is not out of reach!

Here at GSM Services, we are proud to offer Phenomenal Aire as part of our Indoor Air Quality product line. Our expertly trained comfort advisors and staff would be glad to answer your questions about the benefits of Phenomenal Aire. We want to help you keep the spaces you love most at the highest level of comfort and health. Give us a call today, or go online to get a FREE, no obligation quote!