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Save $200 on your Monthly Energy Bills - The Whole Home Approach


This customer contacted us through Duke Energy's rebate program to find ways to help them make their house more efficient and comfortable and save money on their power bills. The homeowner wanted to know if there were any issues with their attic insulation, crawl space and heating and air conditioning system.


Whole Home Energy Evaluation/Audit

GSM Services solution was to perform a Whole Home Energy Evaluation/Audit. Steven Grant was the Comfort Advisor on this call to check to make sure the customer’s home was efficient and comfortable.

During the energy evaluation, Steven took a look at the whole home by performing the necessary steps by testing the air flow of the home with a blower door and checking for areas of leaks. During the visit, taking a thorough evaluation of the crawl space and the attic to look for areas in which energy is lost. Our Dr. Energy Saver home evaluations can take 3-4 hours of to complete. We make sure we allow enough time to provide the customer with solutions to fix their needs.

Project Summary
Comfort Advisor: Steven Grant
Installation Contractor: GSM Services, Residential HVAC & Dr. Energy Saver Divisions
DES Installation Team: Mike Martin
HVAC Production Team: Kyle Heffernan
Energy Bills Savings: $195


After performing a whole home energy evaluation/audit, Steven Grant discovered that this home was in need of air sealing and insulation improvements which would cut their energy bills and improve their living comfort. Steven found that the insulation levels in the attic were low, the duct work need to be sealed and insulated, and proper air sealing from the interior of the home (living space).


Before we insulated the attic with Cellulose to an R-38 value, we had to put a strip of radiant barrier for a baffle on front of the house to separate the attic from the porch roof. We then spray foamed the duct system in the attic and the boots.

Crawl Space

Next Steven checked the crawl space for any issues. The crawl space also had some issues with insulation and air sealing. The crawl space needed a full crawl space encapsulation. We had to install a false wall with radiant barrier to proper insulation specs that needed to be built to properly seal the crawl space from the front porch area. There were gaps and cracks in both the attic and crawl space that need to be air tight from the outside, this ensures that all the air conditioning and heating that you are paying for, stays in your home.


In the crawl space, we needed to remove all debris and make sure the area was clean before we started our process on encapsulation. We installed 2” SilverGlo insulation on the walls of the crawl space ensuring the foundation was insulated and properly sealed. After air sealing all penetrations in the whole area, we installed our 20mil Cleanspace encapsulation system. This makes sure the area will be protected and clean from the outside conditions.

HVAC improvements:

At this time, we recognized that their heating and air conditioning units were older with some inefficiencies. We made recommendations that they take a look at getting these updated as well before they break down on them when they need them the most.

This customer was also able to take advantage of Duke Energy rebates on their new heating and cooling system. We installed a split heat pump, replaced line set, installed Merv 11 filtration system in the wall and a 2 stage communicating system.


Testimonial from customer:

“This is the second time that we have dealt with Steven Grant. We requested him again. He knows exactly what he's talking about. And goes beyond to make sure you get the right system for your home. Very polite. This is the second major job that we have used GSM Services. With changing our air handler there is so much less dust, and the whole unit blows the air into the room with more force which makes the unit run less, our power bill has gone from between $310 - $345 down to $150, a huge difference.”

End result, We were happy that we were able to help improve the customers home, comfort and save them money on their power and energy bills! Savings of $195 off your monthly power bills!