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Hot & Cold Rooms

How comfortable are you in your home? Are your individual room temperatures balanced just the way you prefer? In many homes, it is a common problem to have some rooms be hotter than others, and some rooms be colder. This makes for a lot of confusion when a homeowner may be sweating one minute and shivering another. So, why are some of your rooms hot and why are some cold? There are several ways these questions can be answered.

If you are experiencing hotter rooms, this may be due to insufficient amounts of insulation in your attic. For example, if your wood joists are visible, that is a great sign that the attic is under insulated. As mentioned in a previous blog, proper insulation levels can make a large impact on the comfort balance of your home. It’s also common for rooms above garages to experience this same issue. Some homes have knee walls (found in bonus rooms above garages) where radiant heat comes in from the attic access/roof, and that heat radiates through the walls and into the bonus room, making it very hot and uncomfortable.

If you are experiencing colder rooms, this can also be a sign that there are insufficient amounts of insulation in the crawlspace or under the floors. The heat we pay for leaks out of the home through top plates, wire and pipe penetrations, and then goes into your vented attic, leaving rooms cold and drafty. In rooms above garages, the space between the garage ceiling and bonus room floor may not be insulated. In the winter, when your unheated garage is cold, it makes the room above cold as well.

At GSM Services, we are offering a FREE Home Energy Audit (reg. $249) to our customers. During this evaluation, an expertly trained Comfort Advisor will inspect your home and identify any areas that may be causing you discomfort. We will then provide multiple options that can give you peace of mind, and fit your lifestyle. Give us a call! We would love to take care of your home.