Work Requests in Gastonia

GSM Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Gastonia. Learn more about GSM Services's recent work requests in Gastonia and nearby areas!

Learn more about GSM Services' recent work requests in Gastonia, NC
Vicinity of N Pear St in Gastonia
New roof.
Vicinity of Somersby Circle in Gastonia
Schedule Fall furnace check up
Vicinity of Cairnsmore Pl in Gastonia
Need to schedule fall tune up
Vicinity of Dana LN in Gastonia
My A/C needs maintenance and my fan would not turn off at all. Is running 24/7.
Vicinity of Stone Pine Dr. in Gastonia
AC Issues
Vicinity of Regent Ct in Gastonia
Air Conditioner not working.
Vicinity of Madison Street in Gastonia
My ac is not blowing very well
Vicinity of Laurel Lane in Gastonia
Air conditioner needs servicing. Not working like it used to. The duct work under the house may have come undone because It has happened before.
Vicinity of Little Mt. Rd. in Gastonia
The duck work in my home runs under my home. In the summer under the home stays cool, in the winter warm. Also the back rooms in the house are warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter than the front of the house.
Vicinity of LYNHURST DR in Gastonia
Need a ac unit replacement
Vicinity of Grissom St in Gastonia
Mobile home has been sitting empty for years. Concerned about HVAC duct work having mold or something living in them.
Vicinity of Laurel Woods Dr in Gastonia
My A/C unit is not performing like I think it should we have the old Freon
Vicinity of Union Rd in Gastonia
I would like to get a roofing estimate
Vicinity of Caswell Ct in Gastonia
My Trane AC fan motor is shot and it also has bad coils. I'd like to get a quote to replace the unit. The furnace works well but not the AC
Vicinity of KINGSTREE CIRCLE in Gastonia
House cooling system problematic. May be a frozen unit. Snowflake on thermostat and system not kicking on much.
Vicinity of Winder Trail in Gastonia
I was wanting to get an estimate on replacing an upstairs AC unit.
Vicinity of Firmin Court in Gastonia
Combination unit doesn't cool properly, just bought the house last year and it heats just fine, but doesn't cool off the house in summer. Was advised last year to get cleaning and check up.
Vicinity of Penny Park Dr in Gastonia
We're interested in getting a quote for a geothermal system.
Vicinity of K M Murphy Rd. in Gastonia
We want a quote for a new central AC. the one we have has leaked the refrigerant out. it is old and takes R22 refrigerant' I would loike to know if you finance also.
Vicinity of Hoffman Rd in Gastonia
Little to no airflow from vents upstairs.
Vicinity of Mallard Lane in Gastonia
Need a/c unit replaced
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Air is not cold just running
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Air is not cold just running
Vicinity of Sunriver Rd in Gastonia
AC compressor is turning off occasionally. Possible relay switch issue. After I turn off electric breaker and back on the AC compressor works.
Vicinity of Kingston Dr in Gastonia
System check
Vicinity of Acapulco Dr in Gastonia
Estimate on new AC unit and possibly duct work.
Vicinity of Windstone Lane in Gastonia
My air upstairs is not working. The downstairs is staying cool, but the upstairs is not.
Vicinity of Foxworth Ln in Gastonia
Vicinity of N. Ransom St. in Gastonia
My air conditioning unit is not cooling properly. The fan is constantly running and my house is warm.It also needs maintenance.
Vicinity of S York St in Gastonia
Need quote for replacing HVAC and ductwork
Vicinity of White Cedar Dr in Gastonia
Our 12 year old current system has stopped cooling and we have problems with it every year. We need an estimate on a new upstairs system.
Vicinity of E Third Ave in Gastonia
Need ducts repair... the one at the intake has come off, others have water in them somehow. Additional information: Date requested: 05/20/2019
Vicinity of Maplewood Drive in Gastonia
How much to flush a gas hot water heater?
Vicinity of Eagle Glen Court in Gastonia
Air conditioning suddenly stop cooling house
Vicinity of Lance Froneberger Rd in Gastonia
We are looking to replace our heater and air conditioning system.
Vicinity of Saluda Dr in Gastonia
My HVAC unit is not blowing out probably. The house will not cool down, because the air flow is weak. I have changed out the filter, made sure the unit was defrosted. But it still is blowing out slow.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Gas unit is old. it was origanily bought from gsm. would like to to get a quote and financing options
Vicinity of Marlin St. in Gastonia
I have a 3 ton RUUD AC unit that is about 16 years old and due for replacement along with a natural gas furnace of the same age that is approx 66,000 BTU that is developing cracks in the heat exchanger. I am looking to replace each unit with newer, more energy efficient units. I am looking for an estimate of total cost to replace and install both units, what units are available and if any qualify for rebates, financing rates and terms, and what my monthly payment would be. When would be a good time to set up an appointment to discuss this?
Vicinity of Branding Iron Dr. in Gastonia
There is an electrical burning smell coming out of vents in the home. Opened up unit with no sign of burnt wires or fire but smell continues.
Vicinity of Linwood Rd in Gastonia
HVAC tune up and home energy audit.
Vicinity of Old Modena St. in Gastonia
My Furnace is not kicking on. Changed thermostat didn't fix the issue. Getting a code 13 error
Vicinity of Crescent Avenue in Gastonia
Purchased a new home and would like to discuss current HVAC system, options for changes and duct cleaning. Additional information: Date requested: 02/20/2019
Vicinity of East Ozark Avenue in Gastonia
Insulation for high energy bills.
Vicinity of Garland Ave in Gastonia
Clean ducts and airflow Additional information: Date requested: 02/12/2019
Vicinity of Paul Revere Rd in Gastonia
Just moved into house. Would like someone to check heating and air conditioning units for annual maintenance. Also to evaluate the crawl space.
Vicinity of Amity Ave in Gastonia
We have a humidity problem in our crawlspace and would like to have it fixed.
Vicinity of Shady Bark Dr in Gastonia
Need a quote to get the attic blown to meet standards and keep the house better insulated
Vicinity of Petersburg Ct in Gastonia
Looking for an estimate to replace my duct work in the attic.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
I have a hole in 1 of air duct hose cannot get under house to inspect every thing, sometimes I have to cut system off then start it back to make heat work. I have noticed water in in return duct when changing filter
Vicinity of Brandywine Drive in Gastonia
Furnace not coming on to heat the house. The furnace is an older unit and has had to have the circuit board replaced before. The thermostat is a new one and has fresh batteries.
Vicinity of S Clay Street in Gastonia
My heat is not working. The panel is on and saying auxiliary heat is on but nothing is coming out of vents.
Vicinity of Marcela Dr in Gastonia
My heat isn't working and we need someone out quick!
Vicinity of Newport Landing Way in Gastonia
Times when the heat is slow to warm house.
Vicinity of Camp Rotary Rd in Gastonia
Our entire camp property is on a well. The well pump is 3 phase and last Summer we had several power outages that left us with no water (we had around 350 people staying at our camp each week). Needless to say we need a solution to this problem.
Vicinity of Grier Street in Gastonia
Inquiring about the Guardian 16kw Home Backup Generator w/ whole home Switch and installation
Vicinity of Oak Hollow Rd in Gastonia
Wanting to replace our ac/gas heat unit. She's up in years and we want to beat her to the punch before she dies on us. Looking to get it done ASAP and would love to set up a quote on what that may be.
Vicinity of Kings Mountain Lane in Gastonia
Need new zone board and dampers
Vicinity of Crowders View Dr. in Gastonia
Air intake vent smells like old sweaty socks.
Vicinity of Meek Rd in Gastonia
Would like an estimate on duct cleaning for a 2,000 sq ft mobile home. Thanks
Vicinity of E Maple Ave, in Gastonia
Heating system blowing cold air. Air conditioner worked wonderfully all summer and I went to go turn the heat on and it blew cold air for hours and never got warm.
Vicinity of Union Road in Gastonia
Flat Roof Leak
Vicinity of Rhyne Carter Rd in Gastonia
Simple gable roof that needs to be replaced. Asphalt shingles, low to medium incline, 1200-1400 sqft
Vicinity of Bermuda Ave. in Gastonia
We just signed up for your service plan, our heat pump is over 20 years old and we need to go ahead and get a quote on replacement.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Furnace tune-up & safety inspection Additional information: Date requested: 11/01/2018
Vicinity of Timberwood Dr in Gastonia
Need A/C and heating units replaced, downstairs units first then upstairs units. Price is important.
Vicinity of Hoffman St in Gastonia
The previous owner of my house had an Energy Savings Agreement Plan and my husband and I would like to set it up.
Vicinity of Windsong Dr in Gastonia
Wanted to take advantage of your coupon for the Heating inspection and tune up for $98
Vicinity of Winder Trail in Gastonia
Would like to get our Heating checked for the upcoming season to ensure everything is working properly and maintained.
Vicinity of St. Michaels Lane in Gastonia
Need an appointment for fall prepaid tuneup.
Vicinity of Linwood Road in Gastonia
We have mold and damp insulation in our crawl space
Vicinity of E. Third Avenue in Gastonia
Seeking to get a quote for air condition installation and any duct work that needs to be completed. Will need separate pricing for air condition unit and another for duct work and installation. Thank you!
Vicinity of Forest Creek Court in Gastonia
System at my rental property is not properly cooling. System is cooling to 78 with thermostat set to 73.
Vicinity of Bur Oak Dr in Gastonia
Noticed that our upstairs unit inside fan is blowing but air not cool. Outside fan does not seem to be running on unit.
Vicinity of N Edgemont Ave in Gastonia
Backup generator
Vicinity of Old Knobbley Oak Drive in Gastonia
Would like to purchase and install a generator for a two level house (3060 sq ft)
Vicinity of Trapper Court in Gastonia
Think we need to replace rather than clean duct work. Also need attic insulation over garage.
Vicinity of Sinclair St in Gastonia
We have moisture and plumbing issues under the crawlspace. Recommended crawl space humidity control w vapor barrier after we get plumbing issue ..
Vicinity of Ranlo Ave in Gastonia
Our AC unit is working, however, the unit is making a unusual loud noise.
Vicinity of GRIER STREET in Gastonia
Possibly interested in getting a new AC unit. Would definitely need financing. Mine works, but its old, needs frequent repairs.
Vicinity of Sheffield Drive in Gastonia
We have a leak that comes down the front of our fireplace, and when it rains hard our vent hood leaks also
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Air OUT need fixed
Vicinity of Lampwick Ct in Gastonia
Interested in an energy assessment
Vicinity of Broadwater Ct in Gastonia
My air conditioner has stopped working
Vicinity of Broadwater Ct in Gastonia
My air conditioner has stopped working
Vicinity of N Morris St in Gastonia
My air is running but don't seem like it's cooling my house down
Vicinity of Schenley Ave in Gastonia
Ac maintenance
Vicinity of Andrea Lane in Gastonia
Just bought this house this month, bathroom flooded above the basement unit, water went down the vent and now the unit is flooded. Most of the water is soaked up from the floor but the unit and ducts may be compromised. Home insurance expected to cover. Please call for appointment, the sooner the better. Additional information: Date requested: 07/19/2018
Vicinity of Flynn Dr in Gastonia
We need a new heating and air unit, ours is completely dead. Rochelle
Vicinity of N Firestone St in Gastonia
Will need a new unit, soon
Vicinity of Ivy Creek Road in Gastonia
I have two units (one for upstairs and one for downstairs). The downstairs unit blows, but not cold. I believe there's an issue with a condenser coil.
Vicinity of Louisbourg Ct in Gastonia
Need AC looked at and see what is wrong with. Also estimates on fixing it.
Vicinity of Haywood Terrace in Gastonia
Need an new HVAC unit
Vicinity of Steeplechase Rd in Gastonia
Our air conditioning unit hasn't been running at night. I had it set on 71 and it stayed 74. I cut it off last night before bed and this morning it was working, but I would still like someone to come take a look at it. Thank you, Stacy
Vicinity of Liberty Oak Court in Gastonia
Coil or refrigerant line is freezing up. Central air unit isn't blowing cold air. My need Freon. We prefer a Tues morning appt.
Vicinity of Royal Oaks Lane in Gastonia
I have a 3 zone Mitsubishi Mini-Split System. I would like to have the gas charge level checked in it. I am not 100% sure but I think it is R-402 Could someone call me on my cell number to schedule a service call? If you miss me please leave a number I can call back. Thank you, Sam Jenkins
Vicinity of DALLAS BESSEMER CITY HWY in Gastonia
Vicinity of Petunia Ct in Gastonia
I wanted to find out if GSM installed Nest thermostats. They are compatible with my security system. Is my current system compatible with Nest?
Vicinity of Huntingwood Ct in Gastonia
Home air conditioning not cooling all areas of the house.
Vicinity of Pamela St in Gastonia
My A/C is running but is not cooling at all and it's been like this for over a week
Vicinity of Yellowstone Ct. in Gastonia
Would like to get air ducts cleaned and inspection/wrapping of air ducts.
Vicinity of Sweet Birch Court in Gastonia
Need an estimate on replacing my AC units
Vicinity of English Garden Drive in Gastonia
My air conditioner is not working well. It was 81 degrees last night at 11pm in the house. I turned it off thinking if it's broken it may overwork it. Turned it back ok this morning and it's blowing a little but not much. 79 degrees in here now.
Vicinity of Broadcast Street in Gastonia
I want to install ventilation system in hallways for my hotel.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Ac running constantly it's a brand new unit installed last year it took 2 hours to drop temp down 2 degrees
Vicinity of Raindrops Rd in Gastonia
Room temperature keeps rising. Doesn't feel like the vents are putting out enough air.
Vicinity of Stoneridge Dr in Gastonia
Upstairs air conditioners is not working and the drip pan is leaking water.
Vicinity of McArver Street in Gastonia
We are getting estimates to replace our old AC unit, our house is around 1800- 1900 square feet, two story
Vicinity of Araglin Dr in Gastonia
We would like to have the air ducts cleaned in our home. Would also like to include dryer vent and potentially any other recommendations.
Vicinity of S YORK ST in Gastonia
Upstairs unit isn't blowing cold air
Vicinity of Willow Creek Drive in Gastonia
My upstairs AC does not seem to be working
Vicinity of Kentberry Court in Gastonia
I need to select a company to perform semi-annual maintenance on my GasPak HVAC system. The system is two years old and working fine at this time. What do you charge for this service? Thanks, Herb
Vicinity of Huntsmoor Drive in Gastonia
Our outside ac unit has a hole in the coil, so we would like that replaced. We would also like a quote for adding a second thermostat upstairs, as we have a split level home and it is always warmer upstairs in the summer.
Vicinity of Timberlane Street in Gastonia
Would only want the rafters in the attic spray foamed. House is approx 1500 sq feet.
Vicinity of Kinmere Dr in Gastonia
Air condition not cooling. HVAC unit is running but fans not blowing air. over one year since purchase of home, may need servicing
Vicinity of WESTBROOK CIR in Gastonia
Central air not cooling.
Vicinity of Kendrick Rd in Gastonia
I need an estimate on a new unit
Vicinity of Kendrick Rd in Gastonia
I need an estimate on a new unit
Vicinity of E Perry St in Gastonia
I think my AC unit got hit by lightning when I was out of town this weekend. It doesn't seem to turn on and I ran it through basically every test and internet guide I could throw at it.
Vicinity of Union Road in Gastonia
Looking for single company to take over HVAC and proivde continuing services to units.
Vicinity of Springwater Drive in Gastonia
AC not working.
Vicinity of Hickory Creek Dr in Gastonia
Need all electric HVAC system
Vicinity of Spargo St in Gastonia
Air condition unit for our upstairs (over the garage) needs to be replaced with a unit that both heat and cools.
Vicinity of S New Hope Rd in Gastonia
Just bought a business and the air conditioner is not working
Vicinity of Hickory Creek Dr in Gastonia
Our AC / heat unit went out several years ago and I wanted to see if I can get financing thru your establishment
Vicinity of CHEROKEE CT in Gastonia
Vicinity of Sweet Birch Ct in Gastonia
I am needing to have my AC checked out and serviced before we fire it up for the summer.
Vicinity of Catawba Creek Dr. in Gastonia
I need a Home energy audit on a house that my husband and I are in the process of buying. We are using the VA and they suggested we get this and may receive help to make the house more efficient. Thank you.
Vicinity of Belmar Dr. in Gastonia
Need a new unit & financing.
Vicinity of Marcela Drive in Gastonia
Cooling presicion tune up and duct cleaning Additional information: Date requested: 04/25/2018
Vicinity of Loch Stone Drive in Gastonia
Interested in a Spring AC Tune-up. Thanks.
Vicinity of Swan Run Ct. in Gastonia
Air Duct cleaning and AC system start up
Vicinity of Lloyd White Rd in Gastonia
We currently have 2 units; downstairs unit from 2006 & upstairs unit from 1998. We are interested in a quote for new units for heating & cooling. Currently we heat with propane, but we'd like to discuss a different system. Would like to have an appointment time for 6pm or later next week if possible please. If new systems aren't cost effective, then we may be interested in cleaning our existing units.
Vicinity of S York St in Gastonia
Air duct cleaning and ac tune up
Vicinity of Lynhurst Dr in Gastonia
Service the AC
Vicinity of Scarborough Ct in Gastonia
2 AC units, the unit that controls downstairs is not working it will be set to 68 but will still measure 74 degrees.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Need a basic, non binding quote for the variance of cost between bat, spray foam, and blown in insulation in an 800 sqft home with one side of each wall exposed to accommodate insulation.
Vicinity of Princeton Ave in Gastonia
Would like to schedule our spring AC tune up. Is Thursday April 12 possible?
Vicinity of King David Lane in Gastonia
I need an estimate on replacing my HVAC unit.
Vicinity of Creek Meadow in Gastonia
A/C service per agreement...prefer morning 10-12 Additional information: Date requested: 03/31/2018
Vicinity of John's Lane in Gastonia
We believe the AC Unit is low on Freon.
Vicinity of Abbotsford Ct in Gastonia
Clean dryer vent duct
Vicinity of East Franklin Blvd in Gastonia
Hello. I would like to get a quote for a new heat pump at my commercial building. I would like a quote to replace the current traditional system and a second quote for a ductless system.
Vicinity of River Birch Dr in Gastonia
I am looking to get an estimate on insulation (crawlspace, walls, attic, etc) and HVAC (all ductwork and systems) for a new construction home. I have a set of plans that I can provide. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cascade Dr in Gastonia
I have a water stain that has formed around one of my A/C vents in my kitchen. My neighbor has had the same issue which you fixed for him. I do live in a two story home and was hoping to get someone to come out and identify what is causing the problem.
Vicinity of Furr Street in Gastonia
In need of a a new heating and air system. The one I currently have 10 year old and constantly breaking down. But we've had trouble getting financing.
Vicinity of S Vance St in Gastonia
We have a building that needs sealing . its a metal building and a metal roof. need sheet metal, roofing, siding up-fits to patch and reseal roof leaks, roof screws, and other areas to prevent leaks and maintain adequate insulation throughout the building
Vicinity of Princeton Avenue in Gastonia
I want the free home energy audit.
Vicinity of Derby Downs Drive in Gastonia
Just bought my home a little over a year ago and want to make sure I am not losing money through higher than needed energy bills
Vicinity of Ivy Creek Rd in Gastonia
Would like to have a crawl space inspection and quote. If possible to schedule afternoon of Friday 2/16.
Vicinity of Grover Street in Gastonia
I am canceling my appointment for 2.5.18
Vicinity of Salvadore Court in Gastonia
My air conditioning and heating system is not working.
Vicinity of Torrence Drive in Gastonia
Winter appointment. Additional information: Date requested: 01/20/2018
Vicinity of Easthampton Dr in Gastonia
The down stairs furnace has stopped working. Additional information: Date requested: 01/17/2018
Vicinity of S. Belvedere Ave. in Gastonia
I need the filter for my HVAC replaced. Thank you!
Vicinity of Harvest Lane in Gastonia
Outside heat pump is frozen.
Vicinity of Anderson St in Gastonia
I need my air ducts cleaned. Never been cleaned before.
Vicinity of Creekview Dr in Gastonia
My furnace seems to cut on but blows for a short time then shuts off. Outside portion(AC unit) that sucks air in, does not seem to cut on.
Vicinity of W Main Ave in Gastonia
I would like to get an estimate on a new roof for this building at 334 West Main. I will be there today from 12:30-3pm. If there's any way to get an appointment today?
Vicinity of Winnsford Lane in Gastonia
We had someone here a few weeks ago and our furnace still isn't working. It will run fine for a few days then won't run at all for a few days. It's been doing this since we last had someone out and we just haven't had time to have someone come out with the holiday. I would like to set up an appointment for it to be looked at again.
Vicinity of Freeport Dr in Gastonia
Looking to get a new 2.50 ton gas pack unit
Vicinity of Hickory Grove Road in Gastonia
We were looking to get an estimate on repairing or replacing our HVAC unit. We have no heat at our house right now, and space heaters aren't a practical solution. I'm available for contact any time after 4:15 PM.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
Looking to get an estimate for a maintenance contract for the 2 of my Business condos HVAC. Looking for every 4 month intervals (3 times a year) to replace filters and check and clean the 4 units on the roof and furnace units inside the condos.
Vicinity of Bickingham Ave in Gastonia
Our Mitsubishi electric slim jim ac/heater is not heating properly. We would like to make an appointment for Monday, November 27 if possible. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bradbury Ct in Gastonia
Metal roof, Leaks
Vicinity of Dresden Drive in Gastonia
We are in the final phases of a home renovation and are looking to have our air duct system cleaned. Due to renovation debris, dust, popcorn ceiling removal, etc. we would like to have the vents/return cleaned. We have 14 vents and one return, single-story home.
Vicinity of Summerdrive in Gastonia
Heater fence out
Vicinity of Twin Ave in Gastonia
Looking to get a quote on air duct cleaning. House is 1295 square feet and 6 rooms total. Thank you.
Vicinity of W Harvie Ave in Gastonia
Interested in duct cleaning....pretty sure an animal died somewhere in one of them so we have had our registers sealed to keep out the smell! Old house with crawlspace, curious about cost to get the ducts cleaned
Vicinity of Baithis Dr in Gastonia
Washer is liking on the floor
Vicinity of Cross Ridge Drive in Gastonia
Precision tune-up. Additional information: Date requested: 11/01/2017
Vicinity of Crescent Ave in Gastonia
Air Conditioner was going out at the beginning of summer, a tech came from another company and recharged the system for us to get us thru summer but said they unit was really old and we needed to look into replacing it as well as the furnace so we are looking into quotes to have both replaced,
Vicinity of Patio Lane in Gastonia
Air conditioning not turning on. Fan motor maybe inop.
Vicinity of Creek Meadow Drive in Gastonia
Routine check up Additional information: Date requested: 10/14/2017
Vicinity of Nottingham Drive, Gastonia, North Carolina in Gastonia
Want to install gas pack. We have a heat pump but don't like it.
Vicinity of Silver Creek Dt in Gastonia
Want a quote for whole house generator
Vicinity of Hawthorne Lane in Gastonia
I have not yet been contacted about the fall servicing for our furnace. I'm afraid I have somehow missed the notification, which I understood was usually in September. We have a service contract with GSM which includes the fall maintenance/servicing for our system, and, we were told, for the dehumidifier you installed under the house, as well. Please let me know whether you have started your fall work. Thank you.
Vicinity of Pine Forest Dr in Gastonia
Would like estimate for moisture barrier in crawl space
Vicinity of Summerell Avenue in Gastonia
AC is not working, no power.
Vicinity of Laurel Lane in Gastonia
Inquiring about your email to service heating units this month.
Vicinity of St. Andrews Lane in Gastonia
We have a service agreement with GSM. On Thursday we had our cooling inspection performed. I am noticing a humming noice coming from the crawl space which is where the air handler is located. The hum is not constant, and I have never noticed it before. The AC is functioning and cooling. I would like a call Sunday (Sept. 10) from your on call tech to let me know what this could be or better yet, come see for himself. Thank you. Larry Foley
Vicinity of Emerald Lane in Gastonia
Interested in a generator quote.
Vicinity of May Ct in Gastonia
Air condition not working
Vicinity of SALUDA DR in Gastonia
My a/c is not cooling the house
Vicinity of Ashton Avenue in Gastonia
I need air and heat but also need to be able to finance as well
Vicinity of Kennett Ave. in Gastonia
Air may be running too long?maybe not ? only a 10 degree difference in the air intake vs out Cleaned coil with water hose(only from the outside,did not take top off and clean from inside) no better Large pipe going from unit feels really cold so i assume it has feon Unit around 15 years old it cools house just runs a lot so do you need to come look at it or is this 10 degree difference ok ? thanks Andrew
Vicinity of Armstrong Circle in Gastonia
I'd like to have you install a smart thermostat How much?
Vicinity of CLAUDETTE DR in Gastonia
Thermostat reading 85 but is set on 74 degrees. interested in having unit serviced
Vicinity of Ashworth Drive in Gastonia
A/C blowing hot
Vicinity of Trapper Court in Gastonia
AC is out out side unit fan is not turning
Vicinity of Buckskin Dr. in Gastonia
Wanting ducts replaced and French drain installed 8n crawl along front wall. Additional information: Date requested: 07/07/2017
Vicinity of Claudette Dr in Gastonia
Looking at purchasing this home that does not have central air 1300 sq feet wanting to get a ball park price to have installed
Vicinity of Glasgow Ct in Gastonia
Would like to have HVAC system inspection done in my finished bonus room over the garage
Vicinity of S New Hope Rd in Gastonia
Need replace Ac unit
Vicinity of Flintshire Lane in Gastonia
I have a ranch home in Gastonia that was new in 2010. It's about 2600 square feet. The HVAC unit is in the attic. There are two return lines, each of which has the 1" thick filter that you can get at Lowe's. I would like to replace these filters with two boxes mounted on the HVAC unit that hold 5x20x25 filters. I also wish to have all of the ducts cleaned. I also wish to have the airflow from the ceiling vents balanced.
Vicinity of Bernice Dr in Gastonia
Ac won't get cold anymore. Have cleaned the evaporator coil, condenser, changed filters, checked for duct leaks and got new refrigerant last year. Ac installed in 1991
Vicinity of Westbrook Circle in Gastonia
Furnace needs a new vent. It is currently "red tagged" by the gas company Additional information: Date requested: 04/22/2017
Vicinity of Stoneycreek Court in Gastonia
I am interested in a service agreement for home HVAC. Previously service by a GSM competitor.
Vicinity of Neil St in Gastonia
After becoming first-time home buyers, we discovered that our air conditioner is on its last leg and driving up our power bill. We are interested financing a replacement unit.
Vicinity of Farmview Dr in Gastonia
Need to blow insulation into attic of 1050sqft home
Vicinity of Greenfield Ave in Gastonia
Replace a.c. Heat system with gas. Gas co said have contractor talk as free connection.
Vicinity of Beartooth Ct in Gastonia
Regular air conditioning check Additional information: Date requested: 04/21/2017
Vicinity of Lance Froneberger Rd in Gastonia
I live in a home that has never had a furnace. I need duct work and a heat pump installed.
Vicinity of Nandina Court in Gastonia
A/C upstairs isn't cooling. It freezes up and works too hard to cool it down. I think it needs freon Additional information: Date requested: 04/15/2017
Vicinity of Sunset Dr in Gastonia
Heating and A/C not working
Vicinity of Fairfield Dr in Gastonia
Cooling tune up Additional information: Date requested: 05/09/2017
Vicinity of East Park Dr in Gastonia
Schedule our pre-paid cooling precision tune-up! Additional information: Date requested: 03/29/2017
Vicinity of Cedar Grove Dr. in Gastonia
No heat
Vicinity of Hill Lane in Gastonia
Need AC quote
Vicinity of Ramsgate Drive in Gastonia
Would desire whole house stand by power.
Vicinity of Union Rd. in Gastonia
I would like for Bob to include in the estimate: 1. Clean area and remove all loose gravel and debris. 2. Repair all visible defects, splits, blisters 3. Apply a coat of Elastic Roof Sealer spread rate of 13 gal/sf. 4. Embed flexible may into wet material and lightly broom 5. Apply two coats of Roofing Compund - spread rate of 2 gal/sf 6. Apply base coat to all flashing and counter falshing w/ 2 cts of roofing compound. Total film 80 mls.
Vicinity of Collinston Dr in Gastonia
Need new HVAC unit. Old one went out.
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Gastonia
Schedule a pre summer checkup per your advertisement
Vicinity of Home Trail in Gastonia
Received email on sale for $98.00 AC unit service. I would like to schedule that for Friday, March 24, 2017 if possible. Please contact to confirm, thanks!
Vicinity of Spencer Mountain Road in Gastonia
We currently need a new heating and air system as well as new duct work.
Vicinity of Paramount Circle in Gastonia
I have a heat pump for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. At least that's what I think they're called. The upstairs one does not put out a temperature that seems much different than ambient. It will keep the chill off but I primarily relied on the gas fireplace all winter long. The downstairs has a much sharper contrast between the temperatures of the room and the air leaving the ductwork. The significant difference between the makes me feel like this upstairs unit needs recharged. The unit runs frequently and it did the same during air-conditioning season.
Vicinity of Copperfield Dr in Gastonia
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: heating & cooling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Archie Whitesides Rd in Gastonia
Sealing around light fixtures isnt good and different areas of attic. Allowing different pests to enter home.
Vicinity of Leslie Dr in Gastonia
Roof leak
Vicinity of Sundance Drive in Gastonia
I would like to know if the company provide air ducts cleaning and how much it would be?
Vicinity of Stagbuck Drive in Gastonia
Need someone to come look at my furnace . It keeps cutting off and not heating
Vicinity of Hunting Wood Ct in Gastonia
Sometimes it will heat perfect one or two cycle And then it will just blow cold air
Vicinity of Union Rd in Gastonia
I would like a quote for blowing insulation in my attic please Thanks Ken
Vicinity of Thomas Trl in Gastonia
Time to schedule my heating tune up
Vicinity of Forbes Road in Gastonia
I need blown in insulation in the attic and insulation installed in the crawl space.
Vicinity of South York Street in Gastonia
Need to replace the asphalt shingles on the 1500 sq. ft. porch. Was looking into different options.
Vicinity of Nandina Court in Gastonia
AC unit upstairs is freezing up again and not cooling properly. You first serviced this issue in june Additional information: Date requested: 09/26/2016
Vicinity of East Garrison Blvd. in Gastonia
East Garrison baptist Church is in need of a new furnace. You installed our last unit a few years ago. Please call me as soon as possible for a quote. I need to bring this up to the church for a vote. Thanks, Mark Martin, chairman of deacons. Again thanks
Vicinity of Woodlark Ct in Gastonia
My parents have central heating and air. The air stop working a few years ago but they still have heat. I wanted to try and surprise them by trying to fix it, so I wondering what an estimate would be to fix something like that or what it would be to replace the unit itself if it came to it.
Vicinity of Winder Trail in Gastonia
Our outside unit is not working. There is no air coming out of our vents.
Vicinity of Briar Creek Rd in Gastonia
Air conditioner not cooling the house
Vicinity of Crowders View Dr. in Gastonia
My Powerbill has been 500+ for the summer months the past few years. After talking to the power company they pulled the records and realized our bill has not always been this high. The power dept manager suggested I call you all to have you evaluate and service my ac.
Vicinity of Timberwood Drive in Gastonia
I am interested in seeing more information about your available residential heating and cooling maintenance programs. Please send me some information.
Vicinity of N Franklin St in Gastonia
My 59 year old sister and I, (I am 63), live at this address. She is disabled, and I am retired with serious health concerns. We are really struggling to make ends meet,(it gets hard at times to just buy groceries). We have an old gas-pack system which just today stopped working. I suspect the compressor, or perhaps just the fan motor. We really need help, and would appreciate anything you could do for us.
Vicinity of Dallas-Spencer Mountain Rd in Gastonia
Unit not working. Display is blank...
Vicinity of Bulb Avenue in Gastonia
Waiting for a roof repair quote and a full roof replacement quote for Milanco.
Vicinity of Audrey Dr in Gastonia
Trane XL80 unit is leaking water or condensate. Started 2 days ago. Need someone out to fix this problem and also do preventive check on rest of system. Prefer Monday AM unless someone could come today without emergency charge. Additional information: Date requested: 08/29/2016
Vicinity of W Davidson Avenue in Gastonia
Is business place
Vicinity of Aspen Way Ct in Gastonia
Air is no longer cooling. I have turned off the air and just have the fan on in case it's just frozen up but looking for an estimate in case someone does need to come out.
Vicinity of Hollow Pine Ct in Gastonia
My outdoor fan and compressor are burned up. The Air Handler still works. Would like a low cost solution for a new compressor and Fan
Vicinity of Glyncastle Way in Gastonia
We just moved in to this home less that a year ago but am unsure when the last basic maintenance was performed. We have two units due to the size of the home with separate thermostats upstairs and down. I received your offer in the mail today for the 58 dollar basic service and understand it would be double for the dual units. I would like to schedule an appointment for 8/24/16 if possible but it would need to be completed between 10 and 3pm, right now the 25th I am available anytime after 10am for the remainder of the day. if neither of these work let me know and I will call to schedule something.
Vicinity of Gardner Park Drive in Gastonia
We heard about your $128 premium air conditioning service to inspect and make sure our A/C is working to its best. Monday, Wednesday or thursday around 4 is best. Additional information: Date requested: 08/20/2016
Vicinity of Windy Hill Dr in Gastonia
When you turn the AC on you can hear it come on but nothing comes out
Vicinity of Plantation Trail in Gastonia
My a/c unit is not working properly. I have had some service done in the last 3 days but it seems I might need a new coil now. The unit is 20 years old and I am thinking about replacing it. The company that has been doing the resent work has quoted me 5k for this. I would like to get a second opinion on this.
Vicinity of Woodvale Ave. in Gastonia
We are just seeking estimates for adding a filter box to our rheem package unit so we can add additional return vents during renovations without having multiple filters in our home at each return location.
Vicinity of Plantation Trail in Gastonia
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: dehumidification. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of South Lee St in Gastonia
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: water heaters. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Athenian Drive in Gastonia
Air conditioner is fan only, no cool air.
Vicinity of Fern Forest Drive in Gastonia
We need wall and attic insulation. Our house does not cool efficiently and the air runs continuously with the heat we've had this summer.
Vicinity of Kendall Ct. in Gastonia
Outside AC unit stopped working Sunday afternoon. I do have a service contract, but decided not to use emergency services as I could wait until Monday morning. Additional information: Date requested: 08/01/2016
Vicinity of Marcela in Gastonia
Installation of a gas generator
Vicinity of Accent Ln in Gastonia
My AC is not working, I do not get paid until Wednesday so right now I just need an estimate on how much it's going to cost to fix
Vicinity of Ranlo Ave in Gastonia
I received a flyer for a maintenance ad for $59 or $89 but have lost it so I need a price and need to know if the special is still running
Vicinity of Hollywood Drive in Gastonia
To get a estimates on spray insulation under my home.
Vicinity of Nash Ct. in Gastonia
Looking to purchase a new air conditioner. Current unit is old and not able to cool home during day time (only gets about 78 degrees).
Vicinity of East Maple Avenue in Gastonia
Need a price on a new 3 ton a/c heat pump
Vicinity of Iredell Court in Gastonia
Need estimate on new air conditioning system.
Vicinity of Lenden Hall Ct in Gastonia
Upstairs AC is not cooling as well has it has in the past. Still cools but not well.
Vicinity of Luarel Lane in Gastonia
Clean ducts and vents
Vicinity of Thomas Trail in Gastonia
Needing insulation blown in my attic.
Vicinity of Deerwood Dr in Gastonia
Older house is poorly insulated. Need quote on blowing insulation. Possibly fixing ducts. Have a new ac u it but cant get house under 80 degrees on hot days
Vicinity of Hoffman St in Gastonia
Air Additional information: Date requested: 07/15/2016
Vicinity of Wilkinson Blvd in Gastonia
Want to install a backup natrual gas generator for my buisness, need est, asap.
Vicinity of Silverberry St in Gastonia
Interested in the Premium Service... Tune up ($128 deal). Additional information: Date requested: 07/15/2016
Vicinity of Shannon Bradley Rd in Gastonia
Hello, I recently received a postcard from GSM
Vicinity of Azalea Drive in Gastonia
I would like to look at the cost of putting in a standby generator at my home when the power goes out. I would want one that runs off natural gas (which is near the electrical panel) and I have two 100 amp panels. My HVAC was installed by GSM and I have electric A/C and gas heat. I have 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer. I also have an electric clothes dryer. Call anytime after 10am to schedule an appointment.
Vicinity of Old Town Ln in Gastonia
A/C on the main floor is not cooling as good as it should and runs all the time.
Vicinity of Galloway Drive in Gastonia
My A/C is blowing room temperature air. I was advised it may be low on freon, but I need an expert to check.
Vicinity of Princeton Avenue in Gastonia
Need to replace air conditioner and gas furnace. Would like a quote.
Vicinity of Pine Knoll Ct in Gastonia
Looking to replace aging a/c unit & some ductwork
Vicinity of Falcons Nest Court in Gastonia
Replace heat and a/c unit. We have a gas pack now and were interested in converting to a heat pump.
Vicinity of Westbrook Circle in Gastonia
I need an estimate for a new gas pack. Mine has finally died after 18 years of service.
Vicinity of S Ransom St in Gastonia
I have gas pac combined unit heat wont come on . thanks
Vicinity of Overhill St in Gastonia
Need to check it out maybe time for new one
Vicinity of Green Circle Dr in Gastonia
I need the estimate to put insulation under my house, i like have the estimate this week if we can Please email any questions Thank you
Vicinity of TRYON PL in Gastonia
HVAC Maintenance Check up
Vicinity of Elder Court in Gastonia
I need advice/estimate for insulating a large attic,cleaning all the ductwork, and possibly adding humidification equipment for two systems in our home.
Vicinity of Pikes Peak Dr. in Gastonia
I turned my heat on for the first time and my smoke detector went off. I also have no idea where my furnace filter is.
Vicinity of Smoke Tree Ct in Gastonia
We have a gas pack and the heater continues to blow heat even when we turn it off at the thermostat. We have turned it off at the circuit breaker. I'm guessing that the problem is a shorted wire or a bad limit switch.
Vicinity of Broadwing Ct. in Gastonia
We would like our heating and AC system to be serviced to make sure they're running properly.
Vicinity of Foxworth Lane in Gastonia
Attic and wall foam insulation
Vicinity of Split Rail Court in Gastonia
Outside ac unit is 14-16 years old. It is only a 10 seer. The past several years we have had difficulty during summer months keeping the house cool. Yesterday, the outside unit started making a strange noise while the fan on the unit was not running but the unit was on. We have 1350 sq foot home.
Vicinity of Cape Breton Trail in Gastonia
We need all new insulation and a moisture barrier and duct work insulated under our house that is 1500 square feet.
Vicinity of Oakley Drive in Gastonia
Furnance will not come on. Outside unit, thermostat clicks, the unit 'hums', but no air flow, no heat.
Vicinity of Nottingham Dr in Gastonia
Poor insulation in attic
Vicinity of Arbroath Trace in Gastonia
We're interested in mold remediation and crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Redbud Dr in Gastonia
Crawlspace mold and insulation. Moisture barrier needed.
Vicinity of Hickory Grove Road in Gastonia
Musty crawl space
Vicinity of Spindle Ridge Lane in Gastonia
Crawlspace water repair and prevention
Vicinity of Brookhaven Dr. in Gastonia
I would like to have my house attic insulated the address is at 429 farm view drive gastonia north carolina 28056 the house is a single story 1000 sq ft
Vicinity of Everest Drive in Gastonia
My ac unit has been extremely loud the last week or so, the unit is still working but is much louder than usual. What is the cost for having someone come out to diagnose the problem? Thanks!
Vicinity of Tomshire Drive in Gastonia
Looking to convert to tankless hot water heater. Taking estimates.
Vicinity of Elgin Court in Gastonia
Our heat runs on 72 constantly, and our home does not seem to be retaining any heat. We feel cold drafts from doors. As a result our power bills have been astronomical.
Vicinity of in Gastonia
HIGH energy bills, yet still freezing! We have little/no insulation in the attic and crawl space and very leaky windows.
Vicinity of Knotty Pine Trail in Gastonia
Last 3 power bills averaging 400.00!!!!
Vicinity of Willow Creek Dr. in Gastonia
Silverglo insulation in attack
Vicinity of Sherman St in Gastonia
A little than one year old 1440 sq ft home and our power bills every month have been over 200 dollars no matter if we are using hvac or not.
Vicinity of Rankin Rd. in Gastonia
I currently have an oil furnace. Oil is just way to expensive these days and I am looking for a more economical way to heat and cool my home. My furnace is approx 30 years old with a life expectancy of 50plus years. I am not sure of the age of my A/C unit. I just want to check some features and prices. Thank you
Vicinity of South York St in Gastonia
1920's bungalow with vintage oil furnace needs replacing. I will be in Gastonia afternoon 12/19 and morning 12/20. Would like to meet for estimate to replace. Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades, Selected services: Heating and Cooling, Ductwork