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How much does a new air conditioner cost?

Factors that affect the cost of installing a new AC System:

  • How large the area is that it needs to cool
  • If you are replacing the heating system with it
  • If you need ductwork or any additional items with the unit.
  • The SEER of the unit (how energy efficient it is)

Generally if you are paying a quality contractor to replace your AC unit the cost will range from $7,000-$12,000. If you replace the system as a whole (heating too) it can be from $8,500-PLUS. There are great financing options available too!

Although someone may come out and be super low in price – there is probably a reason why. Are they going to install it properly? Will they be there if you have issues down the road? If you are replacing one of the most expensive things in your home PLEASE make sure you are using a trustworthy reliable company. AC units installed incorrectly can cause you horror down the road and also can cost a LOT more money than if you would have gotten it installed correctly in the first place.

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Make sure the cost of your A/C installation includes the following:

  • Pulls a permit
  • Gets an inspection by the county and it PASSES (this ensures that it is safely and properly installed) not to mention it’s required by the county!
  • Offers a warranty
  • Has good reviews online (reading through reviews can help you see what dealing with the company in the future may be like)

Types of Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

  • Window units – installed in windows as a singular A/C system unit for a room or small area.
  • Mini-Split – generally extremely energy efficient. Generally does not have a duct system and heats and cools room by room
  • Central system – Uses duct work to flow the air through a home to heat and/or cool it
  • Portable units – can be easily moved around a home or area. Usually only heats and cools a small portion near where it is located.

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