Types of Air Conditioners

Types of Air Conditioners Installed, Serviced, & Repaired Near Mount Holly, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Gastonia

GSM Services will be able to keep you comfortbale no matter what kind of air conditioning systems you have in your home!

The right type of air conditioner for your home depends on the size of the space you are trying to cool. Here at GSM Services, we specialize in installing and repairing many different types of air conditioning systems.

Central air conditioners

Central AC contractor in Greater Charlotte, NC

Central air conditioning systems still represent the gold standard for home air conditioning. In most cases, the ductwork system that delivers cool air throughout the house will distribute heated air during winter months. A central air conditioning system is not sized by BTU output. Instead, cooling capacity is given in “tons.” A “ton” of cooling capacity equals the amount of heat absorbed by one ton of ice melting over a 24-hour period (roughly equal to 12,000 BTU).

Great gains in comfort and energy savings are possible when you replace an old central AC system with a new, high-efficiency unit. For example, a 10-year old AC system may only be operating at under 10 SEER, while new units are available that operate above 20 SEER. When air conditioning maintenance and repair isn’t providing the comfort or savings you want, it’s time to consider upgrading to new equipment. GSM Services will also help you evaluate building envelope improvements that help to reduce your air conditioning requirements.

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Ductless air conditioners

Ductless mini-split installation in North Carolina

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are usually designed to provide heating as well as air conditioning. In terms of cooling capacity, these units represent the middle ground between portable and whole-house air conditioning systems. However, this AC type typically has higher SEER ratings (greater efficiency) than other AC options.

The compact exterior module for a ductless air conditioning unit delivers refrigerant to an equally compact, wall-mounted air handler that blows conditioned air throughout a room. No unsightly window installation is required. Ductless units are sized by BTU. Larger units can supply refrigerant to more than one indoor air handler.

Consider ductless air conditioning if your home has no ductwork, if you need to cool an addition or converted attic, or if you like the super-efficient heating and cooling these systems can provide.

Stay cool with an energy-efficient air conditioning system

As Greater Charlotte's trusted HVAC contractor, GSM Services has the expertise to install and repair all types of air conditioning systems. Contact us by calling 1-844-691-4184 or get an online quote for AC repair or air conditioning installation in Mount Holly, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Gastonia, Hickory, Matthews, Denver, Gaffney, Lincolnton, Rock Hill, and surrounding towns and cities.

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