Heating Tune-Up Check List

Friday, August 31st, 2018 by Amy Anderson

During a heating tune up we will perform the following checklist items to your heating system. It is very important to have a tune up on your heating system for not only efficiency purposes but also safety.

Heating Tune-Up Check List

  • Test for deadly carbon monoxide leaks
  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Clean out debris and vacuum burner compartment
  • Inspect plenums and ductwork for growth and air leakage
  • Verify gas pressure (if applicable)
  • Verify Manifold gas pressure (is applicable)
  • Inspect hot surface igniter
  • Inspect Flame rectification sensor
  • Inspect control boards for burnt or damaged components
  • Inspect all high voltage wiring for loose and/or burnt connections
  • Inspect all control voltage wiring for loose and/or burnt connections
  • Inspect flue system for broken or rusted components
  • Verify operation or replays and controls
  • Verify proper outputs during defrost initiation and termination
  • Test and verify safety limits function properly
  • Test and verify correct operation of draft switches
  • Measure ratings on all start assists
  • Inspect blower wheel and motor for balance and debris build up
  • Test induced draft assemblies for proper operation
  • Test main gas supply valves for proper and safer operation
  • Monitor unit for extended run time to verify proper system start-up, run, and shutdown
  • Measure amps on all motors
  • Measure amps on compressor (if applicable)
  • Inspect condition of evaporator coil
  • Verify all supply temperatures are within equipment limits
  • Record all readings, temperatures, and pressures on tune-up sheet for customer review

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