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Value of Training Apprentices 'Anytime, Anywhere'

Strength and Flexibility at the Core of Educational Foundation's Successful Plumbing and HVACR Apprentice eLearning Program To see a full issue of the newsletter visit this link.

GSM Services was recently featured in the PHCC (Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association) Focus Newsletter for their educational training programs. Sam Vagnozzi, Educational Coordinator/Safety Director at GSM Services spoke on the benefits of on the job training programs.

"It allows our people to work full time during the day and study at their own page. While each segment must be completed in a year's time, if an individual is really motivated, the program is flexible enough to allow for each segment to be completed ahead of time", said Mr. Vagnozzi.

"We often hire people who have been in the workforce for some time but are changing careers. Going back to school can be challenging or may not be in their budget. This allows them to earn while they learn."

At GSM Services, the eLearning program is an effective tool for both recognition and advancement. “We promote this to our folks, as well as those looking for a career here at GSM Services. This is one of several paths where they can increase their pay and advance technically in their career,” says Vagnozzi.

How to get started:

“Enrolling an apprentice is easy,” says Sam Vagnozzi of North Carolina’s GSM Services. “We complete a one-page enrollment form and submit it with payment,” he adds. “The textbooks are sent in short order. The apprentice receives an e-mail with instructions on how to log into the system, and they can begin learning right away!”

While the Foundation’s eLearning program can be taken by anyone, contractors who want to use it for their apprentices must confirm state approval to use the program before enrolling their students, as licensing and credentialing rules are different in every state. While many states do not require licensing, it’s best to contact your state apprenticeship agency and ask them for help in getting started.

For states that do require licensing, the program must be registered with your state’s registration/approval agency to ensure that the credentials issued through the program are recognized for licensing purposes. The Foundation’s plumbing eLearning program has already been approved by state agencies in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina. The HVACR program has been approved in New Jersey.

The eLearning program is qualified for use in many other states not specifically listed above. For more information, click here.

To learn more about career opportunities, visit our website.

Credit: Plumbing-Heat-Cooling Contractors Association